To select a group of students by hand, follow these steps:


  1. From the PowerSchool START PAGE
  2. Select a group of students in which you can make your selections (i.e., all, grade level, names beginning with A, etc.)
  3. From the functions drop down list, click SELECT STUDENTS BY HAND
  4. Hold down the CONTROL KEY as you select the students you need Note: You may have to use the scroll bar to see the entire list.
  5. When all desired students are selected, click on the Functions button to perform a task with the selected students.


Two things to remember:

1. You can use this function in reverse, for example if you need to select 12th graders but have only a few to exclude from the list, you can select the names of students to remove from your selection, then select the remove selected students option. Then click functions to perform a task with the selection.


2. Remember, one of the group functions in PowerSchool is Save Stored Selection. Once you have hand selected the students, save the selection if you will be working with this group of students again.