PowerSource Article:7107

If the school is expecting the Quick Lookup screen to list the classes in order by period, but they are not, this could be due to the Day and Period Precedence setting in the Scheduling Preferences.

An example Quick Lookup screen could show a listing like the following:

  • 1(A-F) English I
  • 2(A-F) Earth Science
  • 3(A,C,E) Fitness for Living
  • 5(A-F) Algebra I
  • 6(A-F) Lunch
  • 3(B,D,F) Photography
  • 4(B,D,F) Spanish

In this example, the Quick Lookup screen is sorting the classes by day, and not by period. To resolve this, change the sort order to Period then day:

  1. Navigate to School > Preferences (under the Scheduling Heading - scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen)
  2. Under Class Sorting, change the Day and Period Precedence to Period then Day.
  3. Click the Submit button.