PowerSchool allows you to set a specific field value for students who have the field attached to their records. For example, if a group of students has the wrong ethnicity code attached to their names, you can change the field value for all these students at the same time.Be certain you want to replace all the values for all these students. This procedure is irreversible. Please be aware that only campus PS Administrators have access to this function. As with all changes completed en masse, reach out for assistance when necessary. 

How to Set a Student Field Value

  1. On the start page, search for and select a group of students. The Student Selection page appears. 
  2. Choose Student Field Value from the Select a function for this group of students pop-up menu. The Student Field Value page appears.

    Note: Alternatively, if you have a current selection of students, you can access this page by choosing Special Functions > Groups Functions.

  3. Use the following table to enter information in the fields:



    Field to Change

    Enter the name of the field to be changed.

    Note: For a complete list of field codes, click Fields.

    Note: ID, Student_Web_ID and Web_ID are not available for mass updating using the Student Field Value function. To fill these values for multiple students, use the Assign IDs/Passwords procedure.

    New Field Value

    Enter the new value of the field. Put quotation marks around any values that do not perform calculations, such as constant characters or a string of characters.

    Clear Field Value

    Select the checkbox if you want to remove any existing values for that field.

    Do not overwrite existing data

    Select the checkbox if you do not want the system to overwrite any existing field values.


    Warning: Be sure you have entered information correctly, as this procedure is irreversible.

  5. Click Submit. The Field Value page displays a preview of the records and fields that will be affected.
  6. Click Submit. When the operation is complete, click Back. Now you can perform a search to find the group with the changed value.

If you find that the values were wrongly changed, you must change each record individually. You cannot retrace your steps by changing the value back to what it was for the entire group, because there are those students to whom the value was assigned before you changed the value for the others. Reversing the procedure will change the value for all students, not just the group you selected.