You can use the List Students function to create a list of selected students and related PowerSchool data fields. You can then print the list from your Web browser or export it to another application (such as Excel) and print it from there. The latter option gives you more flexibility in formatting and is especially helpful with longer lists.

List Students:

1. Search for a group of students and make a selection.
2. From the Group Functions pulldown menu, select List Students.
3. Enter a Report Title name, such as Student List.
4. Type a field name, or click on a field from the Fields list.
5. Then add a name for the Column Title (example: lastfirst in Field Name, and Name in Column Title).
6. Specify what additional columns you want on the list by adding more Field Names and Column Titles.
7. Format with padding (white space) if you wish.
8. In the Other Options, check Gridlines to display a grid, or check the Export box to create a text file(.txt) export.
9. Indicate which field you want to sort the list by.
10. Click Submit.

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