1. From the PowerSchool start page, click on the “Reports” link under the“Functions” menu.
  2. Choose the “Run Reports” from the next screen
  3. At the bottom of the Reports screen choose the “Class Rosters” report 
  4. From this screen you can choose which teachers to run the report for or to run the report for all teachers and which periods to run the report for.
  5. You must enter the information in exactly as shown below to print the class information listed. 
  • Meeting: ~(Expression)
  • Course Number: ~(Course_Number)
  • Section: ~(Section_Number)
  • Teacher Name: ~(teachername)
  • Room: ~(Room)
  • Coursename: ~(CourseName)
  • No. of Students: ~(no_of_students)
  • Printed: ~[letter.date]
  • The Roster columns field can be what you need. 
    • ~(count)\Student Count\0.9\C
    • last_name\Last Name\1.0\L 
    • first_name\First Name\1.0\L
  • You can also add other fields to the Roster column and create column headers, as shown below. This example will return the current grade, percent, and teacher comments for the term listed.
    • ~(pg.final.grade;T4)\Grade\.5\L
    • ~(pg.final.percent;T4)\Per.\.5\L
    • ~(reportingterm.teachercomment;T4)\Comment\2\L
  • Fill in the following for the Rule width and the Cell padding. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the Report Queue click on the “View” link to view your report and print.