The Daily Absences ^(*DABS) data access tag (DAT) returns a numerical count of total daily absences, as calculated by the attendance conversion.

Total daily absences can be thought of as the result of subtracting total attendance from total membership:

ADM (Aggregate Daily Membership) - ADA (Aggregate Daily Attendance) = DABS (Total Daily Absences)

ADM is calculated based on the student's membership share and the membership value for each day in the school calendar.

ADA is calculated based on the student's FTE, the bell schedule in the school calendar and the corresponding attendance conversion method. In order to identify whether a student is absent or present for a particular day, it is necessary to understand how attendance is calculated. 

DABS Examples:

  • ^(*DABS)
  • ^(*DABS;T1)
  • ^(*DABS;8/26/13;1/28/14)

Use either a term abbreviation (i.e.,T1) or a start date and end date parameter. If dates are not used, the calculation will use the date range of the current school year.

Example export: